My name is Tayler, and as you will see, there is a lot to know, about little old me.

I was grew up in a valley, way up in the sky, surrounded by mountains, where I’ve played my whole life.

I was raised by my grandparents, on acres of ground, where I played with the animals, and heard natures sound.


I enjoy playing music, long hikes in the hills, fishing with my dogs, and taking photos that chill.

I’m currently a student, second year at “Adams State”, where I hope to learn things, and do something great.

I dream of  attending grad school, of doing research somewhere new, and someday even going, to a place called “Peru.”


Rocha is my last name, meaning “rock” in Portuguese, but some say I am to small, and I’m called “Pebbles” as a tease

Though I am short, only 5’1″ (with good shoes), I am determined to rise up, and achieve any goal that I choose.

This new job is exciting, there’s some challenges I expect, but I am ready to see and gain a new aspect


There’s much more to me, just not enough time, But thank you for reading and hearing me chime!



Favorite Quote:

Those who say something is impossible, should not get in the way of the person doing it.


Below is a picture of where I grew up. This is one of my favorite views, and I get to see it every single sunset.


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