Its been an eventful second week here at LA Audubon! On Sunday, students from the Greenhouse program attended the second Venice Beach Least Tern Colony restoration event of the school year. IMG_0667They were able to clear a grid that will hopefully be used in the coming months by nesting terns and community members were off removing an invasive plant called sea rocket. Terns are due back sometime in April so hopefully I’ll be able to write about them soon.

I  attended the award ceremony for the UCLA Philanthropy Lab which awarded LA Audubon with a 48 thousand dollar grant! It was a lot of fun talking to the UCLA students who advocated for the program and who ultimatelyIMG_1194 were the deciding factors in awarding us the grant.  The money will go to establishing a garden habitat at Esperanza Elementary which sits in the middle of Downtown LA.

Another project I was able to help with was surveying roosts of Snowy Plovers.  I went with biologist, Tom Ryan and Emily Cobar, moving along the Southern California coast scanning several beaches for Snowy Plovers. Its always interesting to see how the numbers change from year to year and from beach to beach. 20160315_100010

There are a lot of plans for the coming weeks especially since Earth Day is approaching so I’m definitely looking forward to writing about all of the events!

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