Its been another week here at LA Audubon and this week in particular has been busy with surveys. Aside from my shore bird surveys at the creek, I had to survey three different beaches in Malibu for Snowy Plovers! I also helped Stacey with the Greenhouse Program. For this week she had several art projects the students worked on which included trying to draw on a large sheet of paper while holding a marker that’s attached to a string. It was pretty difficult but I think a lot of it highlighted the wide variety of art forms so it was a lot of fun to think of things in a different way!

Another project I was able to work on was vegetation measuring at Venice B20160325_122223each. It’s an incredibly long process but after a few minutes it’s really easy to get used to. I think I’ll be back at the Venice colony next Friday to finish the measuring.

This week was pretty interesting! I’ve grown a lot more comfortable with surveying and I figure it can only get better from here!

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