Since the San Diego training, I have continued training here in Colorado. The Bird Conservancy of the Rockies has kindly taken me under their wing (pun sort of intended) and are guiding me through the basics of being a bird educator/interpreter. The two are very different; educators seek to induce advocacy of stewardship towards the environment, while interpreters aim to inform the public about the interactions of nature. They are also teaching me how to deal with misfit children, how to ID birds and an introduction to rangeland ecology to name a few. Next week, I will have to present my own program. It needs to be 20 minutes to do anything I want. It will be a good test run to know where I stand with bird education, and where I can improve. I am also lucky enough to go to a environmental education conference this weekend. I will hear some of the top educators in Colorado discuss their methods of reaching out to the public, and be able to create new methods with them. Next week, I will update everyone on the new cool ways to connect people to nature.

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