This past week I was finally able to get away from school work and all the stress that it brings. I returned to the state where my birding adventure all began, California. My path started from Denver taking a 2 hour flight to Los Angeles, continuing on to Ventura. While in Ventura on a bike ride, I came across a flock of shorebirds. Within the flock birds, I noticed a pelican that I was unsure about and had to call in the experts. Susan Bonfield quickly responded to the picture I had posted on our team messaging and identified it as a Brown Pelican. Even though my training had been a couple weeks past, I am always learning something new. I must say, even though a birder may be able to identify a bird using a field guide, I was able to capture the species using a camera due to the fact that I had forgotten my binoculars at home. Rule #1, if wanting to become an expert birder, ALWAYS TRAVEL WITH BINOCULARS. My next stop was Santa Barbra where I met up with my new friend, the Brown Pelican. This time I was able to get a close up picture, where he had posed for me allowing me to capture his beauty. My journey then left the shores of California and entered the small canyons and valleys of beautiful California. Ojai, California is much like the San Luis Valley in Colorado, with the exception of NO SNOW. Tucked away in the background of the beautiful landscape lays a natural lake created by nature. My journey ended with a trip back to Los Angeles with a 2 hour flight back to Denver. IMG_0042

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