I’ve been really enjoying the familiarity of becoming more and more aware of the daily grind of maintaining a habitat for migratory birds and other endangered species. From it’s controversial conversations (hunting, water rights, etc) to its achievements (experimental landscaping with positive results, endangered species rebound, etc). Also, I’m really enjoying seeing my skills develop in a wide variety of tasks from communication to field work.



A lovely Snowy Egret seen at Bear Island, Don Edwards NWR

It has been encouraging to see how receptive the people I speak with, on the streets of major cities and the trails of protected land, are toward our message. That the power to protect these lands comes from spreading a value to the masses. Especially when that message invites outsiders in.



For now, my personal goals are getting myself as organized as possible, churning out material, personal reflection while birding, and loving the gorgeous California weather.


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Christian McWilliams

Christian studied International Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University with an interest in global environmental conservation, and has lived most of his life between Spain and the United States. Internship experiences during his studies have taken him up and down the East Coast of the US, and had him spend over a year in Mumbai. He enjoys keeping up with global and domestic news, volunteering, and a well made cup of coffee.

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