I did a variety of tasks this week, such as taking part in our education programs in partnership with the San Diego Zoo and conducting more research for International Migratory Bird day to set up an agenda for our meeting coming up next week. However, there was one event that stood out to me the most. I did some hard manual labor, shoveling dirt from a ditch that was located at Site 707 in Rancho San Diego. This area was lined above a neighborhood of houses and the work was needed to make sure that there wouldn’t be an overflow of dirt in the ditch, which could potentially cause erosion if it rained. When we were traveling to the site, I thought that this would be an easy task, because digging seems like no big deal. However, I was wrong. Although it was not very complicated, it did require a lot of strength and effort. As I was digging, I realized the large role my supervisor and other San Diego Wildlife employees play in keeping our environment clean and safe. It made me have a greater appreciation for them and made me want to want to do more to support environmental conservation.


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