Week 2! I am officially settled in and mid-project. This week I got a request to lead a plant talk this coming Wednesday for a group of girl scouts from the Mt. Eccles Elementary School. It’s been fun prepping and scouting out a location to take them on a walk. I’m going to teach them a little bit about seeds and how they spread and then I’ll introduce them to the concept of invasive species. I’m going to walk them down to Nirvana Park after my little lesson and show them what Elodea looks like. Elodea is an invasive aquatic plant here that is causing quite a ruckus. It’s the only known, fully submerged aquatic invasive plant here in Alaska and it could potentially cause big problems for freshwater ecosystems throughout the state. The goal of this talk is to inspire the scouts to come up with a service project and to earn their journey badge (so cute).

Yellow fungus and moss on a stick

View of mountains from Ski Hill

More fun stuff: I tried caribou jerky for the first time, and it was delicious. I hiked a snippet of Ski Hill trail and got to see some great views and pet some cute dogs (great day). Also, I’ve been visiting a mother otter and her pup by the boat docks and they are so adorable I want to scream and laugh at the same time. Oh yeah, and I saw a mini rainbow.

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