What started as a room filled with unfamiliar strangers turned into a week of exciting training and tons of material on migratory birds with supportive teammates and friends. We are now prepared to explore the many career fields that are involved in creating a healthier environment and branch out to various locations to educate others.

I have to admit that the first day at our site was quite intimidating and overwhelming. Coordinating meetings, brainstorming ideas to plan the International Migratory Bird Day festival, preparing educational activities, scheduling upcoming speeches and visiting a site that we will one day be educating students on habitat restoration were just a few of the expectations we were delivered when we initially arrived. The highlight of my first week here was going out and educating a class of sixth graders on habitat restoration at a local reserve. The kids went out and learned how to plant native plants, had a weed pulling competition, bird watched and analyzed water samples. It was inspiring to discover how all of them shared the same amount of excitement for nature and strive towards learning all about the environment. As I recover from my first week in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife tank I will eagerly stand by for our next local adventure!

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