I never thought I would want to be a teacher and I still don’t, or at least not a K-12 teacher that you would normally think. Of course this was before I stated working as a math tutor for middle school kids. It feels great to see their faces light up when they finally understand something that had been beyond their grasp.

I am really looking forward to showing the very same students I tutor, a different part of the outdoors and showing them a new perspective on what it means to protect and conserve the beauty in nature! We have all had an instructor who was passionate about the material and it made the world of difference to the student. I know I can be that type of instructor, because environmental education is essential and something that we can engage with. To be completely honest I had never thought about birds before the trip to San Diego. I took them for granted because they have always been around, now that I have this information I want to enlighten the Latino community from the San Luis Valley.

Thanks Edgar Escobedo

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