This week was pretty rad here in Yaquina Head, since whale watching season was in full effect! As I stood on the lighthouse deck, I was able to engage with audiences, inform them about these mammals, and impatiently wait for the alluring gray whales to surface. On both days, I saw what looks like volcano geysers in the ocean, an eruption from the water shooting straight into the air. This was no eruption of course; it was the breathing movement of a gray whale. The visitors were thrilled about finally catching a glimpse of the whales; I was amazed, yet again! The first time I watched these critters, in Mexico, I was blown away by their mere size and capabilities. It was at that exact moment, years ago, that I began to appreciate Mother Nature for its divine complexity and variance. There is somBlog 1ething intrinsically beautiful and captivating about watching these enormous mammals in their natural habitat, that makes me feel in absolute bliss.  As I stood there in complete awe, I couldn’t help but think of my own course in life since my days in Mexico. Just as whales, I am also currently on a journey; a journey to pursue my career goals. Every day I am closer to my professional destination, so I can, too, provide for my family someday. Although, I have faced constant challenges throughout my voyage, I have endured and will continue to do so. I am now interning in Oregon, simply enjoying the fruits of life.


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