Egg 3.24.16 350The last few days I have been eating, sleeping, & breathing our EagleCam! It’s a SUPER exciting time at the ECC office working on a press release, redoing our homepage, keeping all of our social media updated all while observing the EagleCam live stream with my spare eye!  I even managed to zoom in on the eggs when Liberty flew off the nest for just over 2 minutes to capture a glimpse (and photo) of the first cracked egg! This weekend I will probably have my phone on the live stream 24/7 waiting for the first eaglet to hatch completely.

I haven’t forgotten about our long-distance migratory birds either! This week in between the Eagle hustle and bustle we also got our OspreyCam live. It is part of “RAPTORMANIA” on our homepage and you can even listen to the nest located osprey 3.24.16 1145in the middle of the Anacostia river and visible from the Anacostia River Center! I’m ecstatic to have both cameras up and running because we can now use them for the citizen science aspect of our outreach program!

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