This week has been mainly focused on coordinating next week’s meeting to discuss activities that Anita and I have planned for the upcoming International Migratory Bird Day Festival at the Tijuana Estuary.  We have also been preparing for our first outreach presentation scheduled for next week. We will be working alongside Ocean Connectors and taking the lead on our first guided activity with a school group. I am looking forward to educating these students about habitat restoration and expanding my comfort zone by navigating an entire group of kids through a mini exploration all while learning how to plant native plants. One of the activities that Anita and I had prepared were Bird Bingo cards. Anita staged each plush toy bird in their unique environments to photograph them and then we organized the pictures into playing cards labeled with their species name. Who knew plush toy bird identification could be so challenging? The kids, however, had a blast with the playing cards. I feel honored to have created something so simple yet could potentially create many extraordinary memories for all of them. There are still plenty more activities that we need to put together before the event but the challenges have been thrilling so far!

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