So this is Blanca Wetlands. I am literally chomping at the bit to get out here and do some bird surveys, and the good news is, they are starting to arrive.  The morning sunrise out here is beyond gorgeous. Mt. Blanca is like a security guard, only allowing a few brave souls including the sun over to greet the valley floor.  Those early morning surveys may sound like misery, the limited hours of sleep, the brisk morning air, but every second out there is surreal and it makes it all worth it.


20140619_084950 This week, we will be working on curriculum to start getting kids out onto this spectacular area to explore all of the treasures it holds. My hope in this honestly is to just influence one kid. If we can show one kid how valuable this area is, get them to want to protect it just as bad as we do, then I will know that all of this work, and all of everyone else’s work towards conservation, is worth every ounce of agony and joy .


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