This week was full of education outreach! Katelyn and I got to lead our first class of sixth graders in learning about habitat restoration. I have to admit that at first I was feeling super anxious and worried about messing up or making a f00l of myself. I knew that my supervisor would be watching me, and that put extra pressure on me to do well. However, I then realized that these people that I would be presenting to are just kids, and they probably wouldn’t even notice if I made a mistake. Also, being able to work as a tag team with Katelyn definitely made me feel better. As I started presenting and talking with the kids about the different habitat types and how to identify a certain plant, I got more comfortable and it didn’t seem to be so scary. As I was discussing about the differences between the San Diego sunflower and California sunflower and between the white sage and black sage plant, I felt really  knowledgable and realized how much I’ve already learned with just two weeks of work. I also noticed that when I had to demonstrate how to properly plant a plant to the kids, I tried to be as clear and effective as possible because I wanted them to succeed and do a good job. I enjoyed being able to help the kids shovel out holes and water their plants, because I felt like I was really having an impact. Some of these kids had never planted before in their entire lives. My favorite part throughout this whole process was seeing all the kids get excited about planting and helping the environment. Although I know my presentation wasn’t perfect, I believe I did a pretty good job, and I’m glad Chantel gave me the chance to take the lead. Hopefully, with each opportunity that I get to do this, I can become more of a natural.

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