This week in San Diego, Anita and I were given the opportunity to team up with the Living Coast Discovery Center for a community cleanup project. Before arriving, I was expecting there to only be a handful of volunteers and employees to help with this project, but to my surprise there were many families and volunteers of all ages that shared the same passion to contribute to the community as I do. We all spent hours cleaning the Max Field Little League Park and left with pounds of trash. I can’t wait to go out for another clean up soon! This week we also coordinated the International Migratory Bird Day meeting with a few of the coordinators at the Tijuana Estuary. We discussed and created a broad layout for the event and were able to collaborate on all the ideas we had to offer. imageAnita & I also went out and led our first outreach activity alongside Ocean Connectors without our supervisor instructing us on every step. There were a few key points that I feel we could definitely strengthen when it comes to leading the kids but overall I would consider this experience to be a successful one!

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