Hello, my name is Edgar Escobedo and I am a 25 year old Coloradoan from Nayarit, Mexico. In other words I was born in Mexico but have lived in Colorado my whole life. I am attending Adams State University as a senior. I will complete my Bachelor’s of Science in Chemistry with a Business Minor in December of 2017. I have lived in Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, and various towns within the San Luis Valley so I have a broad perspective as well as local perspective of Colorado. I love being outdoors and traveling to new places; hiking, four wheeling, mountain biking, or horseback riding are all acceptable methods of travel!

When I was told about this internship I was not sure what I would be doing, but after talking to the program leads I realized that I would be a great fit for the position. It feels pretty awesome that we will bring environmental education to the Latino public, and that we will be diversifying the agencies that are in charge of environmental conservation. Go EFTA!

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