When my mom arrived home from work, she constantly complained about back pain, feeling tired, and not having enough days off.  Little did I understand her when I was a college student. Most of us during our undergraduate career work part-time and continue taking courses. Our days seem rather full since we must juggle homework, study sessions, and a part-time job. We feel overwhelmed and constantly stressed, but in actuality that is nothing. Once we start working full-time, the deadlines don’t disappear and the workload doesn’t get any smaller; in reality, the responsibilities are greater and more challenging. College prepares us for the real world, post-graduation, not only within our academic fields but also for the workplace. After working an average of forty hours per week for the Bureau of Land Management and Environment for the Americas, I’ve come to realize this, and also the importance of having a job that is fulfilling and rewarding. I love what I do as an intern, but I can now understand my mother’s resentment towards her job. Working forty hours a week doing a job you love can feel like twenty hours as a park ranger and/or a bird surveyor. But working forty hours a week inside a cold warehouse sorting carrots would feel never-ending to anyone. In a typical shift I can sit on my desk or walk over to Cobble Beach to get some fresh air. I, too, am often tired from work, but never to the extent that my mother was. Unlike her, I have the ability to choose a job that can be laid back and can also pay well. She may not have had many options, but because of her I do.

FYI: My favorite part of this internship, thus far, has to be the tide pool shift. During this time I set up the signs, set out the table, and wait for the ongoing rush of visitors so I can remind them of the rules. Within the tide pools visitors can see green anemones, sculpin fish, hermit crabs, sea stars, etc. The glow on visitors’ faces is the most rewarding part of it all!

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Amairani Hernandez · April 23, 2016 at 12:21 am

So real, growing up makes us appreciate our parents so much more, realizing everything they did and went through. Keep up the good work! Cheering you on from afar.

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