IMG_6812The Anacostia River Festival took place on Sunday, April 17th to celebrate the end of the National Cherry Blossom Festival. Sponsored by the National Park Service and the 11th Street Bridge Project, the festival was a hit with live music performances, crafts from local partners, canoeing, fishing and even a bike parade. The Earth Conservation Corps had a spot at the event, and Rodney brought along Mr. Hoots, a Eurasian Eagle-owl, and Agnes,  a Harris Hawk. This was a great opportunity to create buzz for my DC Bird Fest on May 7th so we had flyers printed out, brought coloring sheets, crayons, and a few bookmarks to hand out to the families that stopped by our station. Everyone was tumblr_o5vvggxRRp1v5dn2qo1_500thrilled to have the chance to see birds of prey up close, and I started conversations by bringing up our Bald Eagle and Osprey cams.  It also helped that the Anacostia River Festival was almost directly across the river from the location of DC Bird Fest, so that I could show them our location and  help them locate the Osprey nest. Many people were surprised to find out about how far Osprey migrate and how they are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty. It was a wonderful event and I hope to see many of the families again at my festival.


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