Four weeks. To some, this sounds like a long time. To others, it’s no time at all. For me, these next four weeks are going to be crazy. In the next four weeks my role as a student and intern will become increasingly more intense. The semester is ending, which means a plethora of assignments, studying, and trying to wrap up the semester strong is in store, not to mention that after that there is the feared and stress-inducing finals week for all students. The good news about finals week is the free pancake dinner! As far as my internship is concerned, the end of this period also marks when we need to have our curriculum wrapped up and to present to our first group of kids. This is exciting and nerve-racking all at the same time.

The picture for this blog may not seem fit with this theme, but let me explain why I chose it. When things in my life get stressful, I think back to the previous summer–how peaceful and fun it is to be out all day and feel the warm sun baking your brains. Although this picture may not look like anything special, just a cow standing in front of some mountains, it is a great reminder to not let any moment pass by. Even in this crunch-and-go time, these moments in my life are ones worth celebrating and cherishing, because life goes fast…so it’s always best to take each moment and hang on to it for as long as possible.

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