This week I have stepped into a world that is both similar and completely different from Wrangell. Yakutat has a wilderness uniqueness and magnificent beauty that is very difficult to describe in one word. It reminds me of Wrangell with its endless green forests and open waters, where whales and sea otter can be seen drifting at their own pace, yet the birds here have so much color that it’s like looking at a rainbow hovering over the water. Many waterfowl species gather here and bring such unique color and sounds to the waters of Yakutat. On my first day surveying Strawberry Point, I could see several shorebirds soaring by or feeding on the soft sandy beaches, which made my heart leap, even though I was having technical difficulties with the scope’s height and ended up scoping everything from my knees. Long-billed Dowitchers, American Golden-Plovers, Marbled Godwits and small flocks of sandpipers surrounded my partner Yung and I, among thousands of waterfowl, several eagles and a few Northern Harriers. It is a bird paradise, and I can’t wait to see more of this beautiful green world.

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Madeline Lopez · May 7, 2016 at 1:12 am

Awesome picture, thanks for sharing this part of the world with us. An amazing adventure!

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