Happy Late Earth Day! Well, I guess every day is Earth Day when you love nature! Last Saturday I hosted a table at the city of Westminster’s Earth Day event. Overall, the day was great. I did have to windproof my table with the help of some officers who could see that my papers were relentless in flying away. I definitely learned my lesson about looking up the weather beforehand if my table is going to be outside, and planning how I should combat it. After that, it was pretty much smooth sailing. I had some great conversations with people about birds, and how they travel great distances to find more resources. I was even asked to participate in another city’s Earth Day event, but I couldn’t since the weekend was booked up. I also presented on bird-friendly backyards. For my first public presentation, I think it went pretty well, but hopefully now it can only go up from here! Like I said, overall the day was great. A little bumpy at first with the weather, but it was a good day to reach out to people. This was the first year the city of Westminster has hosted an Earth Day and it was a great turn out, so I hope they can bring in even more people next year!

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