11216226_1726686020900397_7700308418536411223_oFor the last few weeks, we have had students from Parkmont School visit the Anacostia River Center on Wednesdays to paint fish windsocks for the upcoming Anacostia River Festival. They were introduced to a few of the fish common to the river, including the American shad, pumpkinseed, striped bass, and the invasive snakehead, before picking out which one to decorate. The students painted the fish and glued the seams to create a windsock that will be attached to bikes participating in the parade at the Anacostia River Festival on April 17th.


After painting, the students had the chance to observe the Eagle Cam and watch the eaglets being fed by Liberty. Many students were also interested in the turtle tank, and took turns holding our painted turtle and red-eared slider. Others were more interested in attempting to fish and got to use our fishing rods with our Americorps volunteer Ronnell. The kids seemed to really enjoy their time at the center and even made plans to attend the festival with their teacher to see our raptors, including Mr. Hoots.

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