Clara Barton Elementary did an amazing job this past weekend of creating the perfect outdoor learning environment. There is now an area where the students can spend some of their learning time outdoors and enjoying nature’s magic! The students even decorated tree stumps to use as outdoor seating for their learning experience. The event was flooded with passionate volunteers eager to complete this school yard addition, and it was an honor to contribute to the project. On Wednesday, I had the opportunity to work alongside Outdoor Outreach and discover all the thrilling adventures they provide for local high school students and volunteers. The program encourages our youth to get involved in their community through exploring different types of activities such as surfing, community cleanups, hiking and many more! The students came out to help us clear invasive plants from a local park, to create a more appealing garden and to rescue the native plants from all those greedy intruders! Anita and I have also been offered an exciting opportunity to work at an upcoming event at the end of April called Marsh Madness, where 200 Girl Scouts will come visit the Tijuana Estuary. The girls will participate in activities in order to achieve their goals of earning another patch, all while learning about the reserve and nature conservation.

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