I’m writing this while sitting at a fancy café in Osoyoos, a little and remote town in eastern British Columbia, Canada. It has been IMG_2032great meeting with Environment Canada staff and the two Canadian interns following the Pacific Flyway in this province. As we started our road trip together in Vancouver, we shared ideas and histories of our projects and experiences.

Our two days in Vancouver were a blast. After being banded during the opening ceremony for the “Follow the Flyway” with the Pacific Flyway Ambassadors from Canada, we hiked in some protected areas that ports, malls and developers are really looking forward to acquiring. No matter were I go, I keep finding this issue. However, I’m happy that there are dedicated people preserving these sites and making them better for birds. After visiting the University of British Columbia and learning about their research and pilot projects on preventing bird strikes, we went to Stanley Park. This place is not only incorporating bird-safe glass, but is also working with the City of Vancouver on the Vancouver Bird Strategy.

Now in Osoyoos, we will be working with rattlesnakes and will end the night with table hockey tournaments.

IMG_2045 IMG_2024

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