May marks the month that Team Bug from Blanca Wetlands will be doing their outreach to local schools within the San Luis Valley. This is a great opportunity for our program, because youth are becoming more involved with their video games rather than cherishing the values nature has to offer. Outreach is so important, not only for us as mentors to pass on our knowledge, but for the youth to become educated. I believe we all were once in their shoes, and if it wasn’t for making the right connections or having that one mentor that pushed us, who knows where we would be today. IQuote Bill Daniels know, for myself, it was because of being exposed to nature at such a young age that I learned to value and cherish the many gifts nature has to offer. For me it is all about giving back, and giving to the people who have given to me. Bill Daniels once said, “When you put your life in perspective, you realize how little time there is to make something truly significant out of it.” I think this rings true, as after high school things become less important and more time is being spent on work and other everyday activities.  But if we were to take time out of our everyday lives and help someone, whether it’s a child, senior, or anyone, then we are living our lives with respect, integrity, honesty and loyalty.  I believe giving back to the youth is necessary, because through education and awareness comes prosperity.


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