The end of the school year is approaching, and the interns in the Baldwin Hills Greenhouse Program are beginning to wrap up their year-long research projects. The program is divided into two groups, the Interns and the Restoration Leaders. The Interns are currently writing up their final papers, completing their data analysis, and working to find pragmatic conclusions to their research questions; and the Restoration Leaders are working on activities for the upcoming Conservation Art Show, as well as practicing their elevator speeches.


My Greenhouse internship poster from my 12th grade year in high school.

This week I was able to help some of the interns with data analysis and writing up their conclusions. As they continue their final write-up, I can definitely see them making connections between their projects and the restoration efforts at the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook. I’m incredibly excited to help them develop their final papers, as well their posters which they will present at the Cactus Commencement Ceremony May 14th!

I continued measuring vegetation this week, as well, at the Venice Beach Least Tern Colony! There are only a few grids left and only a few weeks before the terns return!

This week I was also visited by Sue Bonfield! She was able to stop by and see the overlook and talk to former interns Carlos Jauregui and Emily Cobar, as well as Stacey Vigallon, my current supervisor. It was really nice to be able to speak with Sue before I had to go present about the Baldwin Hills Greenhouse Program at Dorsey High School.

It was a lot of fun speaking to different classes about the Greenhouse Program. I can’t wait for the students to finish their posters and start working on presentations of their own!

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