During the next couple months, Team Bug from the Blanca Wetlands will be working with youth from Antonito and Centennial Junior High to help them understand the importance of shorebirds and the role of shorebirds in the ecosystem. Some of the topics we will be covering include shorebird morphology, shorebird habitat, and factors that may impact shorebird habitat. This week the team made huge progress in terms of getting together and creating ideas that will be used in the curriculum for the lesson plans. We have decided that we will be teaming up with Adams State University, an institution serving Hispanics, to contribute to their pollution model. This will aid in understanding pollution and the importance of sustaining a healthy habitat for shorebirds, as well as for other living organisms. I believe that this partnership between the Bureau of Land Management, Adams State University, and Environment for the Americas will be a great opportunity to both help the youth understand that college is an option as well as to understand the importance of natural resource management.  The goals set by the team are to supply the youth with outside resources to educate and mentor them, and to create connections that will help them in their future. We also want to provide a foundation for future employment of young Latinos.

I am excited about these next couple weeks, as I will be working with kids from my hometown as well as kids from neighboring counties. I look forward to educating these youth about shorebird habitats as well as natural resource management. I am very passionate about my job, and want to build a foundation for young Latino kids to have a chance of pursuing a career in biology, ecology, and natural resource management.NaturalResourceManagement

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