This past weekend, Katelyn and I had the amazing opportunity of accompanying Chantel to Long Beach to do some outreach. We drove in the government vehicle towards Clara Barton Elementary School to help create a garden for the local school kids. Apparently, the school board had wanted to just put in a patch of grass in that area, but San Diego Wildlife proposed a better idea of creating a garden. Research has shown that schools with a garden allow kids to become more interactive with nature and, as a result, the kids typically receive higher test scores, predominately in science. Anyway, we arrived at the school at about 8:30 a.m. and there were 200 plants that we needed to be planted. We were expecting about 21 families to come out to volunteer, but we weren’t too sure if that many were going to show up due to the rain. However, within the next 30 minutes there were so many parents, kids, and friends who came out to help. It was incredible to see how everyone of different ethnicities were working together. Some people were digging out holes, others were putting the plants in, others were pulling out the weeds, and some were even raking. Even though it was hard work, everyone seemed to be having fun. People were laughing and talking, and kept asking if there was more they could do. Even when we were practically done, people still kept coming to help out. I’ve honestly never seen so many people become so interested in planting a garden for a local elementary school. Due to all the volunteers help, we finished a bit earlier than we had expected and Chantel had even talked with the school principal about holding an honorable ribbon-cutting ceremony for the garden in the near future. I really hope the kids enjoy their new garden!

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