My niece admiring our king snake, Arthur, at Hidden Pond Nature Center, April 2015.


This week I started a NEW JOB with the Fairfax County Park Authority as a Naturalist at the Hidden Pond Nature Center. I have been volunteering at Hidden Pond since January 2015, and I’m very excited to continue working with them part-time! My first day I gave an animal presentation to about 40 preschool students and their parents. Although it wasn’t my first solo presentation, I was very nervous about forgetting key points about the reptiles and amphibians and having too much extra time after finishing. Thankfully, the kids were very excited and had many questions about our frogs, toads, aquatic turtles, land turtles and snakes. The next day I gave a presentation to another large group of preschoolers, and it was smooth sailing! I’m very grateful to have my foot in the door with the local parks.  It’s a great opportunity to grow as an environmental educator, and it may even lead to a better position at the end of my internship.

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