Over the last three days I’ve delivered presentations to over 900 school children. It was incredibly fun, but first I have to say something –  I have gained an incredible respect for school teachers.

Working with Sam (Visitor Services – U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service), I came up with a great presentation that involved a great game to engage students while I talked about birds. At the end of it all, I believe I had imparted knowledge about bird migration routes and the scope of their migration – and opened the students’ eyes to the concept of many people working together and how they can help to protect the environment.

I swear it was so much fun, but exhausting. They had the most awesome questions! One little girl wanted to know how birds sleep if they are always migrating. Another wanted to know, “Why are there so many birds?” Can you imagine trying to simplify for a first grader how different habitat conditions lead to specialized evolution? It taught me so much on how to quickly describe ideas in very simple ways. And, further still, how to answer a question and then ask a question back that leaves a child knowing that there is always more research that could be done – and they could be the ones to do it.

They gave us so many cards!

Tomorrow we head north. Again. I can’t wait for Denali. But it’s scary as that will mean this ends. It’s only for three months, but it’s the perfect job.

Learning to be an Environmental Educator

Christian McWilliams

Christian studied International Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University with an interest in global environmental conservation, and has lived most of his life between Spain and the United States. Internship experiences during his studies have taken him up and down the East Coast of the US, and had him spend over a year in Mumbai. He enjoys keeping up with global and domestic news, volunteering, and a well made cup of coffee.

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