This weekend was jam-packed with incredible activities. Sunday night consisted of moon gazing. I was volunteering for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife at Siletz Creek. My duties included feeding the smolt (juvenile fish) and cleaning the debris off the screens in the hatchery. The moon lit up the campsite, which consisted of an RV, the outdoor kitchen, and a tent. As I stepped outside the RV, I was mesmerized by the mere brightness…for a moment I thought the campfire was still burning. The light beams illuminated the quiet darkness. I found myself staring up at the moon and feeling so blessed for witnessing this.



Then, yesterday, I was able to go on a cruise with Marine Discovery Tours and the Environmental Education Interns from the Bureau of Land Management. We accompanied a school group during this venture, to familiarize ourselves with the educational piece of the tour. The purpose of this trip was to connect the learning experience of the tour to the tide pools in Yaquina Head, so students see the connection between the marine ecosystems. It was such an enriching experience, and the view was a plus. 20160421_11433320160421_113035 (2)

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