This past weekend, the San Diego Science Alliance program called BE WiSE came to the Living Coast Discovery Center to host their overnight event. This program is amazing because it aims to engage young women in grades 7 and 8 to explore their interests in science, technology, engineering, and math. Also, the 100 girls out of the 500 that applied are given the chance to listen to adult women scientists share their knowledge and career experiences. As the girls arrived one by one, I could tell that they were excited to start the night. Although this was a big event for them, it was also a big day for Katelyn and I.  We both had to present our PowerPoint presentations about how we got to where we are today with our internships, and we had to lead the bird night hike with three different groups without our supervisor, Chantel, being there. When I had to give my presentation, I initially thought standing in front of a large audience was going to be very nerve-racking, but actually it wasn’t all that bad because I found it quite simple to talk about myself. I’m glad that I presented and was able to answer any questions that the girls had. After the presentation, the girls were divided into groups and went to different workshops every 40 minutes. The workshop that Katelyn and I ran was called Discovering the Dark. We showed them the variety of plants that were out there and the little creatures as well. Although it was really cold because we were near the ocean, that didn’t seem to bother the girls as they were just having too much fun. I’m very happy that I had the opportunity to be a part of this special event. It made me wish that I could have participated in something like this when I was young, because maybe I would have found out sooner what I had learned about my interests. I hope all the girls were able to take in the knowledge that they learned and explore their passions, because in the world we are in today we need more women to be apart of the STEM fields.

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