This week Katelyn and I have been working on setting up for our International Migratory Bird Day (IMBD) event in May. We researched the history of this special event and created a timeline for it in order to show it to the public. I was amazed by the lengthy history behind this event’s focus, back to the 1800’s when the conservation movement began to grow and to 1900 when the first federal law protecting wildlife, the Lacey Act, was created. Learning about what led up to this event has been truly interesting.

Bird Day Poster

International Migratory Bird Day 2016 poster

In addition, I’ve been working on how to set up the pledge for a bird conservation station. Katelyn and I decided to have a variety of bird cut-outs and to write a different pledge for each so the kids could pick which one they wanted to pursue, such as pledging to keep their cats indoors or to keep their windows clean. Once they choose one, they would then put a pin into the scroll of bird conservation and we would give them a conservation pin so that they could wear it all day. It’s important to me that the kids can really connect to nature and understand how crucial it is to keep our environment clean and safe to protect our birds.

Coming up with ideas of how to make this event really exciting and memorable for the community has been great. It seems like IMBD is fast approaching and there is still so much to be done. However, I’m glad that the official IMBD flyer has been created so we can jump-start the process of making this event a success!

Planning IMBD!

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