I had a very busy week.  The Blanca Team Bug was finally able to go out as a group to the wetlands this weekend, and we have set dates for our bird surveys. That was only the beginning of my week, as earlier today I was actually presenting to professors and other classmates. The topic of my presentation was solvated electrons, and the technology used to measure the quantum mechanics of their existence. I had been practicing for weeks, but I was still really nervous when I finally gave the talk. It went well and I was probably more excited that it was over, but I did enjoy being up in front of the group and using the PowerPoint to teach them something new. I probably won’t be as nervous to present in front of middle school teenagers, but I know I will enjoy it just as much!

If you had been at my presentation you would know exactly what the instrument in my picture does, but since you weren’t there I will just let you know that it is a Femtosecond Pulse Laser Spectrometer and it can be used to study electron solvent interactions.

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