So the Blanca Team Bug was supposed to start the bird surveys this week…but that didn’t happen, and it almost humorous how little Mother Nature cares about human plans. A little bit of snow turned into more snow which turned into even more snow, which then turned into life-saving water. While it is fun to test out your four-wheel drive with friends on the weekend, it is a whole different scenario when you have work to do and getting stranded just doesn’t fit into that schedule. I guess we do live in Colorado, where the weather is about as predictable as rolling a dice and if you don’t like you outcome wait five minutes and it will change again.

There is one thing that I keep asking  myself, and that is how did shorebirds find a spot in Colorado where they could make themselves at home? I understand that they migrate, but you would almost assume that they would stick to shorelines. Obviously they don’t, but it is interesting to think about what drove them more inland. This is not a question that has one answer, but a complex system of factors which made some birds take a different route that was passed down through shorebird generations.

If you know part of the answer to my question, I would love to hear it in the comments! Thanks.

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