One of the big projects we are working on here in the office is Longmont Inspire. The overall goals of the project are to improve methods of communicating to Latinos, and to determine the reasons why Latino families are not engaging in outdoor recreation as much and find solutions to those issues. The project is funded by the Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) program, which receives its money from the Colorado Lottery. Currently, we are still in the beginning stages of the project: surveying. Our target audience is Latinos who are the parents or guardians of children living in their home under the age of 18 and who live in Longmont. We chose Longmont because it has the highest percentage of Latinos living there, but sometimes it still feels like we are short on Latinos. The survey is about 10-15 minutes long (available in both English and Spanish) and asks a variety of questions, like what activities does your child enjoy or not, what languages does your child speak/read, what languages do you speak/read, where do you hear about events/activities, are there any reasons why you wouldn’t have your child do a certain activity, etc. Even though I feel like a parrot repeating myself, “Polly wants a cracker,” I am very excited to find out the results from the survey and how we are going to fix these issues. From the surveys I have done, it sounds like many Latinos like being outside, and they want to be outside. However, there seem to be many different reasons why they aren’t going outside, such as money, time, taking care of other children or simply not knowing about events, so I am interested in finding out which one triumphs over all of the other reasons.

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