This past Thursday was my first education class in the town of Wrangell, Alaska. I spent over a week making a fun and educational PowerPoint about why bird migration occurs and why the Stikine River is so important for migratory animals. The night before, I rehearsed for six hours straight to remember important facts, jokes, and how the class can take part in helping birds have a successful migration to and from their seasonal homes.  This was just a fourth grade class, but I was still nervous because I wanted them to understand the joys of studying birds and why I decided to become an intern for Environment for the Americas. From the start of my presentation, the children loved the colorful images and they especially loved my little shorebird, Deedee the Dunlin, and her adventures during her migration. My favorite part was introducing the Migratory Game to the class, and they had so much fun they asked if they could play it again. I even had one little girl approach me who wanted to learn more about the birds in her backyard, and I encouraged her to read different bird guides and look up some research sites like the National Audubon Society to learn amazing facts about her birds of interest. The class was great, the children were fun, and we all learned something new today that I want to bring to my other sites.

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