The dates are now set for our school outreach.  We still have more planning to do, but it feels good to have a deadline. I have chosen the activities for our two classroom visits, which we will be presenting during finals week…but who needs time to study anyway.  My fellow interns and I have all been putting in significant effort.  We have been meeting during the school week in order to put our best foot forward, and it is going to pay off. I honestly feel very lucky, and that is because I am working with very motivated individuals who work well together. When I applied for this internship they told me that they had high expectations from all of their interns, and I feel good that I am working with such a great group of individuals. Everyone has had valuable input, and has stepped up when something was needed. I feel like we all understand the importance of reaching the youth in our community, and this drives our individual motivation to perform as a unit.

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