Smokey-1This week is sadly my last week in Wrangell. This little island bestowed so many wonderful and amazing memories that I will keep it forever in my heart. As much as I don’t want to leave, my adventure in the Tongass must continue onward to Yakutat, which everyone in Wrangell told me has some of the best sightseeing and fishing in all of Alaska. This week has been my favorite, because on March 21, 2016, I received lots of hugs and high-fives from a little kindergarten class when I was dressed as Smokey Bear. Martin Hutten took these adorable pictures of the children ecstatic to see Smokey, and who couldn’t stop giving me hugs when I arrived. The second reason this week has been my favorite is that on that same day, I counted six shorebird species–a record in my shorebird surveys in Wrangell. There were 205 Black Turnstones, eight Western Sandpipers, 86 Surfbirds, four Rock Sandpipers, one Least Sandpiper and one Dunlin. My max had been two shorebird species at high and low tide, so to end with these results before I leave is a great finale for my adventure in Wrangell.

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