This year the bird surveys at Elkhorn Slough were started a little late, but I finally got them started this week by myself, whew! A little scary, but really fun, and I get to challenge myself and my knowledge. I am excited to see how much I will progress throughout this internship.

On the first survey I did there weren’t as many birds as there could have been, possibly due to the huge gusts of wind we had the day before (I almost blew away myself!). The second survey was on a nice sunny, not too windy, day so there were more birds, and I got my counting practice in. I had to count a mixed flock of Least and Western Sandpipers about five times, due to their flying back and forth, before I finally got my total number – of about 750. Surprisingly, I have not seen any raptors yet while doing my surveys, but I’m sure I will see some soon because there are always so many around the area.

P.S. I spotted a leopard shark through my binoculars while doing the bird counts!

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