This week Katelyn and I have been getting ready for some exciting events to come. We are planning on working with Amanda Grant, the Director of Education at the Living Coast Discovery Center, in coordinating the BE WiSE Overnight event here at the Center. The purpose of having this event is to help teach a large group of girl scouts about environmental education, marine ecology and biology, and about nature in general. The role which Katelyn and I will have is giving a presentation about ourselves and about how and why we became interested in environmental conservation and this internship. Also, we will lead our very first bird night hike with the group of girls. I’m a bit nervous, but I’m hoping that we will get to see something cool at night and that the kids will enjoy it. Katelyn and I are also planning on helping out with the San Diego Zoo Teen program at the Sweetwater Marsh National Wildlife Refuge Estuary. At this event, we will be working with culturally diverse teens and teaching them about getting involved with science and nature. I’m not sure how many teens are going to attend, but I’m looking forward to helping out in anyway that I can. On another note, since International Migratory Bird Day is coming up next month, I’ve been cooperating with Katelyn on completing our bird timeline display. We came up with an idea of using clothes pins and a long string to hang up little flipbooks of certain significant events in bird history. I think this will be a great display for the event because it’s somewhat interactive, and seeing how it’s unique will intrigue families to read the flipbooks. I find it interesting that although these events are all different, they all have one goal in common–which is to get more people involved and interested in the importance of preserving our environment. The fact that I’ve bumped up my hours starting this week makes me anxious to plan out my own future ideas of spreading environmental education.

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