image1Today officially marks one month until our International Migratory Bird Day event: Walk in the Wild. Do I feel prepared? No. Do I think I can pull it off? Probably. I will put my college skills of panicking, pulling my hair, last minute scrambling and praying to every God to the test. Except, this isn’t a test. This is real life, where the only grade I get is…. the one I give myself (very deep thoughts). I keep worrying, what if only 10 people come to the event? Or what if I don’t get volunteers? There is so much that can go wrong. I even had a dream about it going badly. And anyone who has had work dreams knows they are awful. The one thing that is getting me through is knowing that I have lots of people I can depend on and lots of resources available to me. Well, I will keep everyone updated on my event planning, and I will let everyone know how much hair I have left by the event.

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