Bats, grunion and owls were a few of the featured night crawlers discussed during tonight’s adventure! A couple times each year, the Tijuana Estuary invites the community to the refuge to explore wildlife through Discovery Labs. There are booths filled with engaging activities such as animal calling trivia, bat natural “super powers” and nocturnal adaptations. One of the booths displayed a small sample of live eggs to view, and explained how and when they hatch. During the presentation we all had the opportunity to experience the miracle of nature. At a moment’s notice the grunion eggs began to hatch during a demonstration, and after one hatched there was an instant chain reaction of baby grunion popping out of their eggs swimming frantically. Working alongside Chantel, we demonstrated a few of the important senses that nocturnal animals depend on in the wild. We created a similar amplified sound using paper cups, which the kids could take home to explore in their own neighborhoods. The kids had a blast with their cupped ears, while discovering the other booths as well. This Discovery Lab was a thrilling experience and I will be counting down the days until the next one!

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