This week at the Boulder Headquarters, we have been mainly working on hiring someone for Cassy’s position as Project Coordinator. I have always been on the side of the “interviewee.” Everyone knows how that goes, sweaty palms, heart racing, food stuck in my teeth, all of the above. However, this week is different. Gibran, Sue, sometimes Diane and I have been interviewing people for the Project Coordinator position. And it’s been both tiring and exciting. I am more of an introvert than I portray myself to be, so talking to people for long periods of time can exhaust me. And these interviews are at least 45 minutes long. And I have participated in 6 of them. Although they are lengthy, it is really cool to meet the people who could potentially work here soon. I am glad that Sue forced all of us to be involved, because it is important for all of us, and perhaps we all have a different perspective on the interview. Also, I have learned a very important lesson from interviews, BE INTERESTING. Not to say I didn’t know this prior, but it is the one thing you have when you apply for a job, and employers don’t know you. Also, do your research about the position if you are truly interested. It not only shows your employers that you are interested, but yourself too. I mean, don’t you want to know where you are going to work?

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