The day Anita and I have been counting down to has finally arrived! Our morning started bright and early setting up all the tables, stations and activities. We estimated that there were one hundred visitors in total. One of the stations at the event was the bird banding station, where kids had the opportunity to observe the process biologists go through when banding migratory birds in order to understand them better. At another station, Lisa showed how Clapper Rails build their nests in the wild, and how occasionally biologists will step in to help the birds during their nesting season to ensure that the eggs will hatch successfully after being laid and to monitor the chicks to make sure they are taken care of properly. The station that Anita and I were in charge of was the pledge station. Here we gave visitors the opportunity  to make a commitment towards conserving birds in their local neighborhoods, by signing their name on a bird and attaching the bird to a banner. We also created a timeline that displayed the important events that occurred in the past which led to the centennial celebration of the first Migratory Bird Treaty!

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