What do I love the most about this internship? The assortment of activities and responsibilities on my plate. On Saturday, I volunteered for the Tualatin River Bird Festival as a bilingual interpreter to bring forth inclusivity  to Spanish-speaking visitors. I  enjoyed speaking to people from all over the world, including Cuba, Nicaragua, and Mexico. It was amazing to be part of such an incredible event, with activities ranging from archery and building a bird house with an electric power tool to BB gun shooting! I rode in a wagon while speaking to people about the local wildlife. On Wednesday, the objective of the day was to capture Western Gulls. We laid out the nets to catch them as they incubated their eggs. Once the gulls fell victim to the mesh, we would attach the GPS tag, weigh the bird, mark them with a fluorescent spray, and let them go again. It was all so thrilling! Anything remotely physical and laborious is my kind of thing. We finished tagging enough Western Gulls, and the challenge that awaits is the recapture of those birds to remove the tags. Lastly, Thursday and Friday consisted of monitoring Common Murres from the lighthouse deck. Today’s highlight was seeing the Bald Eagle rip the Common Murre to pieces with his enormous talons and beak. When my friends ask me what I am up to, I will answer, “Oh, you know, just doin’ a whole bunch of stuff.”

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