IMG_2270Our Juneau days served as reflective wildlife moments. On the second day, meeting with the Juneau Audubon Society on their boat trip, we saw humpback whales, sea lions, countless pelagic birds and harbor seals. During each trip in the car, we kept our eyes open to make sure we didn’t miss any wildlife on the side of the road. How I wish this were the reality everywhere else in the world. Reanimated and more focused than ever in our mission of conservation, we keep getting lost while finding ourselves in the Alaskan Wilderness. 

Now in Anchorage, the snowy mountains can be seen from everywhere in the city, making it an awesome drive every time. Although I am not a fan of zoos, we met part of the zoo staff in preparation for the International Migratory Bird Day event. Now my perception of zoos has changed. Most of their animals were either injured or raised as pets at some point in their lives. These are animals that are not going to make it in the wild, since their behaviors are different from their wild counterparts.

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