When we first started this outreach program with schools that are barely on the map, I honestly thought we wouldn’t make a difference. I thought that none of these kids would care like we do about the resources, the birds, or that we were pIMG_1401utting forth the effort to reach them.

“What was your favorite part of the day?” I asked the group of students, expecting them to all say playing in the water or not being in school. I got a variety of answers, but then a kid piped up who most people would assume would not be great student.

“Seeing the Snowy Plovers! It was cool because without you saving them, we would not ever see them.”BS-Rocha16

Of all of the things I get to see–the bull snakes, the birds, nature in general, the number of moments I feel truly grateful and blessed to have this job–that moment was something I will never forget. It was a perfect way to end an incredible outreach experience.

We are currently working with programs that students go to  during the summer to keep them safe and out of trouble, to arrange a trip with them. I am really hoping it goes through, and that we get to share this with more students who might not otherwise get the experience.



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