Bird Day is around the corner! This week Anita and I are focusing on outreaching to the community by passing out flyers and inviting local YMCAs and schools to come out and celebrate with us. With all the months of planning for this event, we are finally putting the last details together.

175 registrants total! That’s how many Girl Scouts attended the Marsh Madness event this past weekend at the Tijuana Estuary. Throughout the estuary, there were different booths set up with an activity where the girls could participate in order to earn a stamp in their “passport” toward their next badge. There were so many troops that came out to help out with this event. There was even a troop that traveled from Mexico to attend! At the station that Anita and I were running we played a game of Bird Bingo. The girls would use binoculars to go out and find the plush birds that we hid in our area, while our two Girl Scout helpers, Reyna and Bria, helped the other troops gain their stamps for their passport. The event was a blast!

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